Conference Manual

Note: If you scroll down and do not see the conference manual downloads, then you need to login to your DDNA account. You must be registered for the conference to see the slides.

*The slides for the DDNA 2014 Conference Manual will be made available for you to print out as soon as they are provided to DDNA by the speakers (please scroll to the bottom of this screen to view).

Going Green!

DDNA, like many other national associations, has decided to do its part in going green by decreasing unnecessary use of paper and printing. As we have done in the past, we offer the option to receive a flashdrive at the conference that contains the entire conference brochure, including the slides for the session. You can insert it into your computer and take notes on your computer during the conference. If you prefer, you may choose to review the slides for the conference sessions (below) by clicking on the green text. You may then print out the conference information and speaker slides that are of interest to you and bring them with you to the conference.

Please note: If you are not registered for the conference, you do not have access to download or print out the conference slides.

Two ways to receive the 2014 Conference Manual

1. Reserve a Flash Drive

During registration, you can request to receive a flash drive at the conference. Contact the DDNA office if you are unclear about this process.

2. Download the PDFs from this page

You may download and print the conference manual from the tables below. Whenever possible, we offer the choice between printing the standard version with 3 slides per page that has been used in the past and the "green" version with 6 slides per page.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. This program is commonly installed on most computers, however, some state agencies may have this feature disabled. Check with your tech person if you are unable to view the files.

Please note: If you are not registered for the conference, you do not have access to download or print out the conference slides.

How to download your 2014 Conference Manual

Within each day, we have listed each session with links to pdfs containing course description and relevant slides. Please note your option within each listed session. You have the option of printing out 3 slides per page with space for notetaking or 6 slides per page - both contain the same information. Some speakers have provided additional materials that they may be referencing during the conference session, which are included in the printouts.

2014 Conference Manuals will become available as information is received from each speaker.